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    Law with 100% commitment
    Doc. JUDr. Branislav Fridrich, PhD.

       950+ lectures and presentations
       85+ academic (OR professional) articles, contributions and publications
      9999+ excited listeners 

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    Numbers and results
    speak for us

       17 500+ won disputes
       54 500+ pages of analyses and legal submissions
       6 000+ hours of consultations

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    Legal services
    for companies (businesses)

    Obtain the execution (enforcement) title for your claims fast, without court proceedings (negotiations), without costs and without doubts

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    Legal services
    for companies (businesses)

    Register in the Register of Public Sector Partners from 89 EUR and processed already within an hour

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    Legal services
    for companies (businesses)

    Ensure (Secure) the enforcement (collectability) of your claims – by a unique and an unexpectedly convenient tool of legal hedging

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    Legal services
    for people (individuals)

    Win in divorce or family law – We are collecting experiences for you 105 hours per week

Favorited services

Imagine a deliberate and professional legal service with university creativity. This is exactly what we pursue at Fridrich Paľko today and every day. We offer you a selection of services that are the most popular among our clients.

Securing the execution title and the conduct of execution

Are you a creditor and you do not know what to do with your debtors? Are you thinking about what steps to take so they can finally pay? Entrust your claims to our legal service!

Divorce and family law

Today and on a daily basis we deal with family problems, personal problems and problems of our clients. That is why we are able to choose the right legal solutions for you to help you you quickly overcome everything unpleasant

Register of Public Sector Partners

Do not slow down in your business, do not waste money or opportunities, register through us in the Register of Public Sector Partners right now. From 89 EUR and within an hour.

You do not have to collect your claims anymore! Use the simple tool of legal hedging and secure (ensure) your claims against future risks. It is even better than insuring your claims, and what is more, it is without limits.

Attorney’s custody

Attorney’s custody is a safe and reliable way to hide things for you. Safes that are used by Allianz or ČSOB as well as high insurance coverage are a guarantee for you.

Pharmaceutical law

We have pharmaceutical law and its mutations in our blood. Do you need to analyze the current decision-making process of the Ministry, find a long-term solution to clinical trials or succeed in a tender? We are ready.

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01 Nov

Od 01. Novembra 2018 majú spoločnosti so sídlom na Slovensku novú registračnú povinnosť.
Za jej nesplnenie hrozia pokuty a „nepríjemnosti“ napríklad v podobe odopretia účasti na verejný...

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