For businesses

Professional legal service for established companies, but also for StartUps and for starting entrepreneurs built on a reasonable price policy and trust. Focus on what is essential in your business and leave law to us.

Execution title and execution

Are you a creditor and you do not know what to do with your debtors? Are you thinking about what steps to take so they can finally pay? Entrust your claims to our legal service!

Register of Public Sector Partners

Do not slow down in your business, do not waste money or opportunities, register through us in the Register of Public Sector Partners right now. From 89 EUR and within an hour.

Public procurement

Are you considering participating in public procurement? Support your company’s great bid with a flawless legal service and gain advantages over competitors right now. Whether it is about processing your bid or for instance, assessing the terms of participation, we will be happy to help you without any hesitation and with high commitment.

Mass recovery/collection of claims

If you have large portfolios of claims, we have a solution for you. We developed and tested by daily practice our own automatic (computerized) system for the collection and management of claims. We have added elements that our competitors do not provide and located everything in the law firm’s office which provides benefits for creditors, which are unachievable in a collection agency.

Pharmaceutical law

We have pharmaceutical law and its mutations in our blood. Do you need to analyze the current decision-making process of the Ministry, find a long-term solution to clinical trials or succeed in a tender? We are ready.

Legal hedging – money rather than claims

You do not have to collect your claims anymore! Use the simple tool of legal hedging and secure (ensure) your claims against future risks. It is even better than insuring your claims, and what is more, it is without limits.

EU law

Law is sometime confusing for people not used to working with it.This is especially true for EU law. However, you should not be worried with us. We will guide you through the set of rules and obligations that the EU has set up for companies quickly and at the highest level of expertise. We work with experts in the field of European and International Law and we transfer the benefits to your side.

Business and Corporate Law

Business is not easy and we know it very well. Besides numerous problems, you must deal with legal problems on a daily basis, too. We say you do not have to. Rely on our legal services and focus on what pushes your business forward. We think ahead for you and adjust/set the legal positions in a way that you will have little worries and a lot of joy in the future.

Attorney’s custody

Attorney’s custody is a safe and reliable way to hide things for you. Safes that are used by Allianz or ČSOB as well as high insurance coverage are a guarantee for you.

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