For people (for individuals)

Do you have a legal problem or are you getting lost in legal terminology and complex situations? Our law firm will provide you with a safe solution. Fast and at a reasonable price.

Divorce and family law

Today and on a daily basis we deal with family problems, personal problems and problems of our clients. That is why we are able to choose the right legal solutions for you to help you you quickly overcome everything unpleasant

Securing the execution title and the conduct of execution

Are you a creditor and you do not know what to do with your debtors? Are you thinking about what steps to take so they can finally pay? Entrust your claims to our legal service!

Labor law and social security law

We know how difficult it is when they give you notice or when you have to immediately terminate an employment relationship. We know what rights you should exercise and what to require, or vice versa, what certainly not to give up. We will give you advice and together we will also resolve other labor issues. In case that you will have to contact the Social Insurance Agency or any authorities, we will help you get what you are entitled to.

Criminal proceedings and (summary) offences

To be a party in criminal proceedings is no fun, even if you know that you are innocent. There is a saying “you should not go to the police without a good lawyer because you do not have to return home very soon.” Our law firm is ready to provide you with complex legal services in criminal proceedings, including defence, twenty-four hours a day, as the police do not choose the right time and a day.

Human rights and freedoms

Life, liberty, family, property … fundamental rights and freedoms are irreplaceable. These rights are so essential to every person that they must be observed in all circumstances. However, this is not always true and you are often exposed to violations of these rights by the state. These are exactly the situations in which we are professionally “at home” and we can professionally provide complex legal services with a single aim, to protect your fundamental rights and gain satisfaction for their unlawful violation.

Real estates (immovable assets) and administrative proceedings

Do you want to sell or buy a flat, a house or business premises? Do you need to solve their rental? Our law firm will professionally ensure all the necessary to achieve your goals soon. This also applies to other administrative proceedings that are not related to real estates, but are causing you problems and worries with the authorities and officials.

Damage to health, occupational accidents and occupational diseases

Were you hit by a car? Were you injured at work or did you permanently get sick for bad working conditions? Weren’t you not examined by a doctor? They did not give you the necessary health care at the hospital? Or did they aggravate your health problems? Your rights have been violated and you deserve more than just a moral compensation. We can provide you professionally and promptly with legal services and we will ensure that things are resolved fairly.

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